Sunday, April 24, 2011

Healing the wounds from Prop 8: My remarks from Sunstone West Symposium

A few weeks back, I spoke as part of the closing plenary session at the Sunstone West Symposium in Northern California.

It was a moving experience—both to be able to speak openly and honestly about my challenges and triumphs as a gay Mormon, and to hear the heartbreak and victory of others.

Our focus was not only to share our stories, but also to talk about what we’ve done—in the Mormon community and beyond—to heal from the wounds caused by Proposition 8 and this divisive chapter that pitted politics and religion against one another.

I focused specifically on many of the Mormon affiliated LGBT events we’ve accomplished in the Bay Area, but also spoke about the need for our straight allies to continue to be active voices and vigilant advocates. For, if change is to occur, we must have people pushing from the inside as well as those pulling from the outside.

Each day, I'm presented with new opportunities to make the path easier for others--some small and seemingly insignificant, and still others result in great strides forward. Every door that opens reaffirms my conviction that there is a power behind this undertaking much larger than my own feeble capabilities.

It's such an amazing, deeply satisfying level of change that's coming to pass. To witness it alone would be remarkable. To feel I have a part in it, however small or large, genuinely humbles my soul. I am a blessed man, indeed.