Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Progress, not perfection: More on changes to Mormon Handbook

The recent changes to the Mormon Guidebook on homosexuality are receiving a lot of press--and in some unusual places.

Surprisingly, one of the more moderate (and I think accurate) assessments of the changes was on Perez Hilton's website, where I was quoted as saying the changes are a step in the right direction--to which Perez agreed.

Additionally, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) issued a release today where they claim the Mormon Church now views same-sex attraction as "normal." The title of the release ("Mormon Church: Same-Sex Attraction is Normal") really doesn't do the article itself justice. While, for the first time, the Mormon Church does not advocate reparative therapy for homosexuality, it still is reduced to a sexual act, and a sinful one at that. The comments in the HRC article itself take a more temperate tone than the title--which leads me to believe they might need a little copy editing help. :-)

Of course, there are countless nay-sayers out there who still call for complete doctrinal change within the church. And while many would like to see that happen, I think it's important to walk before we can run--and equally important we acknowledge the small, but positive steps the Mormon Church is taking around the topic of homosexuality. 

It matters less how quickly we're moving, and more in what direction our feet are pointed.


  1. After pressure from Affirmation and gays and lesbians, HRC issues an updated commentary on Mormon Handbook changes, saying we still have further to go, but recognizing the positive steps. Like this balanced reporting!


  2. Okay here it goes and as a new user of the internet I hope this posts!- Mitch is correct in his statement that "it's important to walk before we can run". There are many nay-sayers that call for complete doctrinal change within the church. Endurance is not always easy and this is when it is most essential to exercise faith. Those that are known as "Mormon" are members or followers of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints". While many opinions concerning church doctrine and policy can change with the wind we can find beautiful simplicity and strength by focusing on the 13 Articles of Faith. Article of Faith #9 states- "We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will reveal many great and impotant things pertaining to the Kingdom of God."

  3. "Because I Have Been Given Much" Hymn #219...Google this and find it on YouTube. The rendition with Reprise and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and if this does not bring one a feeling of love and gratitude(and a tear) then you're probably a heartless heathen. I dislike my own irreverant mix but sometimes it's okay to get one's attention. Because of the Atonement I can forgive the ignorance of my bretheren that struggle with opposite gender attraction!!! Also because of the Law of Consecration it would be a sin to not use the blessing of being gay in a Christlike manner.