Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How I cultivated my realtionship with my Savior

I’ve talked frequently about the importance of developing your own understanding of and relationship with your Savior. It is a fundamental relationship that matters to each of us—and it is one that, for me, was not about church. It wasn’t about any specific religion at all. It was simply about building my own personal understanding of a Savior who would be with me anywhere at anytime—not just one who was accessible for a few hours on Sunday.

This relationship gives me humble confidence. It enables me to do things that I could never do alone. It gives me strength to walk through challenges and overcome obstacles that, through my mortal eyes, seem terrifying and insurmountable.

It gives me grace.

And I want you to have that, too. Too often we let others define our relationship with our Savior, but it is one we and we alone must cultivate, manage, and own.

In this Mormon Expression Podcast, for the first time, I share a deeply personal part of my spiritual practice and explain how I did it—and I hope it works for you. I know that for me, the best way to keep my spiritual gifts is to give them away.

And in that spirit, I give this one to you.


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